CASACOM is much more than a public relations or communication agency. Learn about our unique vision and discover our story.

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Our professional development centre helps spokespersons, managers and leaders to elevate their communications skills.

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With our services and through our trademarked STRUCTURAL PR™ approach, we elevate organizations.


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Marie-Josee Gagnon

Behavioral Sciences serving Public Relations and Communications (1/2)

Behavioral Sciences offers a fascinating body of knowledge for communications and public relations professionals. Interest in this discipline has been revived by the election of Donald Trump and the growth of false news. Here is a brief "Q&A" about this fascinating subject. 1.What are we talking about? Behavioral science knowledge…


At CASACOM, our clients are our most precious asset and supporting their success is what we enjoy most. Discover some of the organizations we've had the privilege of collaborating with over the years.


Whether in marketing communications, corporate communications or public affairs, our achievements are recognized here and abroad. CASACOM also frequently receives awards from the business community.

Global Reach

Thanks to the Worldcom PR Group, we can expand our reach globally to better serve our clients with 140 public relations partner firms, located in 111 cities and six continents.


Our team is renowned for the excellence of our work and the strength of our commitment to client success. Your business challenges are what drive us!


At CASACOM, we’re always on the lookout for outstanding people who are passionate about the impact that public relations and communications can have on the world around us.

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Notre conseillère principale Catherine Chantal-Boivin – pro était en tournage pour un projet bien excitant pour! On vous en dévoile..

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