Influencer marketing is not only a popular medium for brands to connect with consumers, but it is also a very important aspect of public relations and communications strategy.

As a result, consumers news feeds are constantly being  invaded by interesting sponsored content by various brands. In light of this, how can a brand differentiate itself through influencer marketing? The answer is simple:  brands must remember the reason why someone follows a certain influencer and use that unique reason to create an authentic connection.

To learn more about this subject, we spoke to Josiane of Petite and Bold. When she created her blog in 2012, she quickly realized that influencer marketing was a way that she could express her creativity, and that she could inspire thousands of people through her Instagram account: @PetiteandBold, and blog, Maison Petite and Bold, an online decoration shop that was designed to highlight West African craftsmanship.

Why create Petite and Bold?
I’ve always been creative, and the blog was my way of nurturing that creativity and escaping. Things have changed since I started in 2012. I have grown up, I have a clear vision of what I want to see in Petite and Bold now, that is, an inspiring platform both in terms of fashion than on a social level. For me, fashion is a way of expressing myself that goes far beyond appearance. I am a creator of black African content, and I am aware of the impact this can have on the importance of representation here in Montreal. I often received messages from women telling me how happy they were to see a black person evolve in the field of Quebec bloggers. It is essential in my work to break the concepts of unique beauty.

Describe to me Petite and Bold in three words?
Persevering, compassionate, committed.

What are the values ​​you are looking for in an organization that would like to collaborate with you?
Ah… so many points. But briefly, a company that advocates diversity or at least initiates activities to be inclusive. A company that lets me have my voice, and is open to suggestions is also very important. For me, it is essential that my blog remains a reflection of my person. So I appreciate organizations that come to me with specific points to address, but also give me freedom to get there. It always wins for both parties in my opinion.


Since you started your blog, what was your biggest lesson?
Definitely the importance of staying authentic and having a clear vision for my platform. It allowed me to keep my head up when things were not going the way I wanted. When I compared my evolution to that of other people, it depressed me. When you keep in mind what you do for it, it is easier later to appreciate the success of others without envy.

What inspired you to open your home accessories store, Maison Petite and Bold?
Essentially, my desire to discover the West African crafts. All items (apart from the posters, these are made by myself) are handmade by artisans in my native country, Burkina-Faso. These talented people work hard every day to live their art. Their ability to create beautiful things with their hands fascinates me. My wish is that Maison Petite and Bold grows, and allow me to build strong relationships with artisans while also being able to offer them a channel of economic growth. Every purchase made in the shop has an impact on them and brings me closer to that goal.

What do you think is the future of influencer marketing in the coming years?
I am certain (or rather, I hope) that it will be relevant for years to come. Companies are becoming more aware of the power of influence, and that a student, mother, neighbor, or a sister can have among the people around them. I think that people who will remain authentic, who will evolve with their audience and learn to re-invent themselves will be able to stay on social platforms for years to come.

Finally, what can we hope to see for the future of Petite and Bold?
To keep this passion of sharing, commitment and desire to want to discover other horizons in everything I undertake. And also to succeed in building a community that supports itself and helps each other against all odds.


CASACOM Celebrates 15 years!

Montreal, October 11, 2016 – On September 29, the CASACOM team organized a celebration to commemorate their 15 year anniversary. The ambiance was very festive in their main office which is located in Old Montreal. On the menu: a mixology workshop, DJ, cocktail buffet and cake, all which took place in a warm environment.

More than 100 guests gathered together, including clients, partners, friends and family members. Guests contributed to the theme that night by bringing back to life their teenage self… a photo of how they looked at 15 years old. It was definitely a sight to see.

“15 years is almost half of a professional life. It is the moment to appreciate what we’ve accomplished and thank everyone that has been a part of our success. It is the time to look forward with optimism and ambition because we have so much to offer professionals and clients that want to go further. Fifteen years old is the age where everything is possible!” stated Marie-Josée Gagnon, CEO and founder of CASACOM.



CASACOM hires two new directors and promotes consultant

Montréal, November 9,2015 – Marie-Josée Gagnon, president and founder of CASACOM, is  happy to announce the recruiting of two new directors at the Montréal office, as well as the promotion of a consultant.

Brigitte - photo bioBrigitte Pouliot is now occupying the post of Director, Integrated Communications. With more than 20 years of experience in communications, publicity strategy and brand development, Brigitte knows how to combine strategies and business objectives to help organizations stand out and attract attention of their intended audiences. She has worked with retail and service businesses and successfully accomplished numerous B2B and B2C projects.

JM - photo bioJean-Michel Nahas has been appointed as Director, Business Communications and Public Affairs. He is recognized as an expert in issues communications because of his brilliant strategic approach. Jean-Michel has experience in journalism, public relations and project management. He began his career as a journalist for the Journal de Montréal, before being recruited by the Marguerite-Bourgeoys School Board. He directed the communications team there and made his mark by using effective traditional and social media platforms to showcase the school board in the public’s eye.

Mylène - photo bioFinally, Mylène Demers becomes Senior Consultant. Having started at CASACOM as an intern three years ago, Mylène rose through the ranks brilliantly. Holder of a Bachelor Degree in communications and politics from the University of Montréal, Mylène has a strong sense of organization, a talent for persuasion and an impeccable judgement.


Contact: Sophie Caron, Consultant, CASACOM | 514-286-2145 extension 222 |




Urban Barn Arrives in Quebec: Selects CASACOM as their AOR

20150817-UB_Day1127398_RGB (Medium)Montréal, November 4th, 2015 – Urban Barn has chosen CASACOM to execute all of their communication activities, including: public relations, event organization, digital communications and publicity. The Vancouver-based furniture and home décor retailer, which has over 50 stores across Canada, will open its first stores in Québec this month; one in Boucherville and the other in Boisbriand.

“Urban Barn arrives in Quebec with a non-conventional décor approach and it is with great pleasure that we take part in the adventure with them by introducing as many people as possible to their unique brand,” says Brigitte Pouliot, Director of Integrated Communications, CASACOM.

About Urban Barn

In 25 years, Urban Barn has carved out a place of choice in the Canadian market and continues to pride itself on offering well-appointed furniture, home décor and accessories that combine value, quality and great design. For further information, please visit

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 Contact : Sophie Caron, consultant CASACOM | 514-286-2145 extension 222 |