CASACADEMY is much more than a training centre. It’s a top-flight professional development centre that challenges you and motivates you for high-level performance. You’ll feel inspired and eager to harness the power of public relations for the greater good of your organization.

If you’re a CEO, a C-Suite executive, a public relations, marketing or communications manager, or a spokesperson, we have programs tailored for you.

We know you’re strapped for time and demand value for your training investment, so we’ve designed highly effective programs that offer immediate, tangible results. Our whole program is designed to ensure your time at the CASACADEMY is high-value and well spent. To find out more or register for one of our programs, contact CASACADEMY director Stéphane Ethier.


C-Suite Executives
One of your main responsibilities as CEO or senior executive is to formulate a clear and compelling vision for your target audience. This program is tailor-made for your organization—a creative workshop that draws on a proven process to help you develop a concise and inspiring vision.
Communications Managers
Communications leaders face increasing challenges as the profession constantly changes and organizational constraints grow more and more complex. In these programs, seasoned coaches walk you through a novel learning process that offers the benefits of group sessions, but relates outcomes to your workplace and the needs of your organization.
It’s important to formulate a vision and build a distinctive brand. And it’s crucial to convey your vision and brand in a compelling and convincing way. Fortunately you can learn how. The CASACADEMY team offers spokesperson training for all requirements and contexts – conferences, interviews, employee events, public consultations, and much more.


Content Development
Building, Formulating, and Sharing Your Company’s Story //
A company’s story is central to its positioning. Your organization’s story is the thread that should guide and fuel your corporate communications, both in-house and externally. Knowing how to build, formulate, share,...
Digital Communications
Expressing Your Vision and Brand Using Social Media //
To give your corporate communications rhythm, depth, and scope and strengthen your relationship with your target audiences, a web and social media strategy is a must. And with all the choices available and limits on your...
Public affairs
Steering Your Project to Success through Troubled Waters //
We live in an age where issues are increasingly complex, yet public relations programs are expected to be just as persuasive as they were in simpler times. This is a huge challenge given the multitude of conflicting interests...
Internal Communications
How Internal Communications Can Transform Your Business //
Business transformation and change are the norm in today's economic climate and the responsibility to own and drive change internally is increasingly falling on the communications team. As a result, internal communications...


Does your organization have specific needs? The CASACADEMY can help you meet them. We can develop custom programs to support areas such as leadership development, internal communications, crisis prevention and issues management, content development, media relations, or branding. To find out more, contact our director, Stéphane Éthier.
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