Marie-Josée Gagnon, APR, CEO and Founder

Every undertaking or project starts with an inspiring vision. We have teamed up with the consultants at Think8 to offer a structured process called “directed thinking.” It leads to highly effective creative sessions in which participants develop clear, concise, inspiring visions. You’ll hone or craft a corporate vision that fits you—and your business requirements—to one you’ll want to share with others.

Here’s a general idea of how this CASACADEMY session works:

  • We hold an initial meeting to get a sense of your issues and needs;
  • As CEO, with or without your management team, you take part in two to three days of sessions at the CASACADEMY; and
  • You take away a new or updated vision.

Our STRUCTURAL PR™ system puts vision front and centre, together with your organization’s brand and relations with target groups. These three components combine to strengthen and sustain organizations.

To inquire about availability or rates, contact the president and founder of CASACOM, Marie-Josée Gagnon.