CASACOM enjoys access to 100 partner offices worldwide through the Worldcom PR Group. Founded in 1988, it is the world’s largest partnership of independently owned public relations firms.

Because public relations is often most effective when handled at the local level, this partnership provides CASACOM clients with inside access to 100 firms and over 1,500 public relations professionals who meet the highest professional standards. Our partners offer the same flexibility and outstanding client services as CASACOM.

Worldcom PR Group is the only international public relations partnership that requires firms to meet stringent management standards for business planning, financial systems, campaign evaluation, client satisfaction, service delivery, consistency of processes, training and development of staff, and firm marketing. Each firm undergoes a peer assessment of its management standards every three years and must meet the standards to remain a Worldcom partner. CASACOM passed its last review in 2015 in Rio de Janeiro.



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