"Passion is the driving force behind all great work."

Andrea Mancini

Senior Consultant
Toronto office

What do I want to be when I grow up? This is a question we all ask ourselves, and as we go through life, the answer frequently changes. Not so for me: I never wavered on what I wanted to do. I might not have known exactly how, or where, but I knew my passion for communications would one day guide me to a place where I was meant to be.

I started on this path by earning an honours Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and Professional Writing from York University. Feeling I needed more experience, I enrolled in the Corporate Communications and Public Relations post-graduate program at Centennial College. There, I acquired a breadth of practical understanding of media relations, event planning and business communications. I then set out to find an internship, and the road took me to the doorstep of CASACOM. Opening that door is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

When I think of public relations, I think of building strong relationships, sharing information and engaging with audiences. I believe CASACOM embodies everything a PR and communications firm should be: a place that helps companies reach their objectives, co-workers who are both driven and motivated, and an organization that always strives for success. I am truly fortunate to have joined such a welcoming and stimulating team.

Outside of our casa, I enjoy reading or spending time with family and friends, but I also love new experiences. Whether it’s sampling a different cuisine or travelling to a place I’ve never been, like Budapest in Hungary, I am always up for another adventure. Another true passion of mine, which may surprise some, is my love for sports. Some might even say I bleed blue and white: when the Maple Leafs or Blue Jays play, you can bet I’m never too far away from the action!

Sport brings people together, just like our work at CASACOM. We help clients connect with their customers with innovative and effective communication strategies. I was drawn to the profession and love my work because it offers so many opportunities and challenges… and there are never two days alike.

Do your interests connect with the work you do?

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