"Everyone has a story to tell."

Ann Gibbon

Director Western Canada
Western Canada

As a young journalist at the Montreal Gazette, I learned that if you scratched deeply enough, you’d find that everyone, from the taxi driver taking you to a news conference to the CEO giving that news conference, has a fascinating story to tell.

When I left journalism for PR, I kept that credo close at heart. The ability to extract a story from an individual or organization, and to tell it so it touches audiences emotionally, lies at the centre of effective communications. Storytelling that reaches people on a human level can be the best way of creating positive results and desired change.

At CASACOM, we tell clients’ stories through traditional media, blogs, and social media and through speeches and special events. The medium doesn’t matter. The story, well told, does.

At CASACOM, I apply my belief in the power of storytelling whenever I write media materials or train clients for media interviews or presentations. I have them look at the human side of what they do and weave that into the business message for their audiences. Their message has more impact if it is a story with universal resonance rather than a collection of facts.

I’ve had rich opportunities to listen to others’ stories. I’ve lived in Africa and Europe and travelled the globe. On the way, I learned French and some German. Some experiences were great; some, difficult. All the adventures added to my own life narrative.

When my twins were born, one of my great pleasures was telling them bedtime stories. It brought us closer. That’s the power of storytelling.

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