"Learn and become a better person every day."

Annie Paré

Senior Vice President

I’ve always been fascinated by the power of words. They can convey such nuance, hold such beauty, and have such an incredible impact when skillfully communicated.

For many years now, I’ve had the profound conviction that I was born for this job. My degree in management may not have been the straightest path to communications, but the complementarity of the two spheres has become a real asset. My knowledge of the business world has always influenced my work in public relations, particularly my ability to align our actions with our clients’ business objectives. It’s also why I chose to specialize in corporate communications.

Over the years, I’ve had the incredible good fortune to work on communications and issues management with very talented business executives. Their combined influence has shaped my career and made me who I am as a professional today. Nothing motivates me more than building that kind of relationship with clients and having those mutually rewarding discussions that allow us to move forward together and get even better at what we do.

I also believe that the most complex issues are the ones that reveal the true value of effective, strategic communications. Public relations can’t be improvised and they can’t be bought. They’re built, with conviction and commitment, by listening to our stakeholders.

When assisting clients with public relations, I like to team up with them to identify the real issues and find ways to explain them clearly—in the right words. That’s the essence of our profession.

I truly believe that public relations can elevate and improve organizations. That’s why I’m committed to our profession and why I’ve been the president of Quebec’s public relations society, Société québécoise des professionnels en relations publiques, for some time.

At work, in my personal life, and in all my professional activities, I’m driven by the opportunity to learn and become a better person, every day. And wherever I am, no matter what I’m doing, I’ll always be the proud mother of a nine-year-old princess (and all her pets!), revelling in the boundless joy of watching as she grows ever wiser and more beautiful.

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