"Always re-invent yourself to surpass your limits"

Brigitte Pouliot

Director, Integrated Communications

I barely spoke a word when I was a toddler; most likely because I was the youngest of a family of five and being the youngest can sometimes be intimidating. My parents were quite worried, but a few months after my second birthday, I started communicating in complete sentences! Since that day, communication has been one of my passions.

Despite this passion, communications was not the direction I was heading towards when I came out of college with a diploma in science. I was aiming towards a career as a biochemist, but then the law looked interesting, as did political science. Finally after a year and a half at university, a professor saw my true interest and directed me to the communication field. It was a revelation. I found my professional way!

I started my career in advertising; a very rough and demanding job , but the best place to learn. I was first a coordinator and later an account administrator at PALM-HAVAS, then an account director for Graphème. After a few years, I decided to jump ship and work on the client side, where I stayed for the next 10 years, mostly in retail. Following this great experience with consumer goods, I worked in the service industry and medical field.

Driven by a very high energy level, an extrovert personality and a real passion for customer service, CASACOM is the communication firm designed for me. It is with professionalism and creativity that I attack each project with only one main objective; make a success out of it.

Life is a long, fun and unknown journey that we must look at through the eyes of a child and the wisdom of the elderly. Surprise, create, innovate and go beyond are action verbs that motivate me every day, personally and professionally.
What is my purpose in life? It is to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

  • So I ask the same question to you, what is your purpose?

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