"The best publicity is a satisfied customer."

Gergely Maderspach

Director, Web and Digital Communications

Listen. Think. Act. In my personal and professional life, these three words have always dictated my approach to giving the best I have to offer.

Work occupies a significant portion of my life. When I’m not helping a client achieve his goals, I like to discover the world. Travelling, learning new languages and exploring wide open spaces are part of my DNA. This attraction to diversity and culture shock allows me to adapt to any situation.

We live in an era where communication tools and methods evolve at high speeds. The web environment is constantly changing, and it offers a multitude of business opportunities. I am passionate about discovering and mastering these opportunities so that I can leverage them for my clients.

I’ve been accompanying businesses through creating and strategically improving their virtual presence since 2007. Within the CASACOM team, I specialize in communications strategy and technology, as well as digital marketing. My goal is to ensure the solutions we deliver will lead every business concept to digital profitability.

With an academic background in economics, I look at my clients’ needs from an analytical angle. Online, everything can be measured. A well-targeted digital strategy makes it possible to measure the right variables, the ones that help us interpret market trends, target clientele behavior, and digital content performance.

To carry a project through to completion, I use an interdisciplinary approach that allows me to assemble a client’s various digital needs into a simple and understandable portrait that fits in perfectly with their overall objectives. There is nothing more gratifying than a satisfied customer who has complete confidence in you.

  • What kind of satisfaction does your work bring you?

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