"It’s all about the human touch."

Jean-Michel Nahas

Vice President, Corporate Communication

Parents: A word of advice. If your child is always getting in trouble at school for talking, don’t panic. In my case, I’m convinced it was all those “too much talking in class” comments on my report cards that sent me towards the right career path.
It all started with a bachelor’s in journalism degree, driven by my love of writing and communications. While still a student at UQAM, I got the big call: a position at the Journal de Montréal daily newspaper. Where better than a newsroom to learn my craft? I penned over 500 articles in sections ranging from News to Business to Arts to Sports to Travel. In this fast-paced world you learn to cultivate a number of specializations and always strive to do your very best. As one of my bosses was fond of saying, “you’re only as good as your last article.”

Always keen to discover new opportunities, I made the move from journalism to public relations. I come from a family of teachers and special educators, so I felt right at home as media relations advisor with Quebec’s second-largest school district, Marguerite-Bourgeoys. My promotion to director of communications coincided with an onslaught of negative publicity around school districts generally; it was my job to shine new light on the vital work performed by these organizations and position them as crucial and credible contributors to public life. At the same time, my thirst for knowledge brought me back to school for a graduate diploma in management at HEC Montréal.

At CASACOM I’m in my element; working with a dedicated team of inspiring colleagues who love pushing themselves to their limits as much as I do. I enjoy the action-packed world of public relations, and love rising to even the most complex challenges. At the end of the day, it’s the trust our clients place in us that inspires me to find novel solutions that truly meet their needs.
When it’s time for R&R, I love sports—but also silence. That’s why, when I’m not at the office or spending time with my loved ones, you just might find me putting myself between my net and a slap shot, or casting a line in patient pursuit of a largemouth bass.

  • What about you? How do you bring your passions to work with you?

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