"Making a difference is the only option."

Marie-Josée Gagnon

CEO and Founder, APR
montreal office

I’m fortunate that my work is one of my life’s joys. I love the humanity of communications, how through it we are able to help others listen effectively, adapt accordingly, and ultimately share information in an authentic and truthful way. I love the process of creating a strategy, and then finessing communications which make a real difference in the lives of others to help our clients meet or exceed their business objectives. Most importantly, I love doing work that has a powerful impact on the lives of my clients and teammates. It is this passion and commitment which have become CASACOM’s reason for being. That difference is CASACOM’s raison d’être.

I’ve always felt this need to make a difference. It was constant through my years in politics, in the foreign service, and as head of communications for major corporations. In fact, I’ve always believed communications could make the difference—well, most of the difference at least.

Since founding CASACOM in 2001, and throughout my three years at Harvard Business School (Owner/President Management program), my commitment to making a difference has been reinforced. Today, CASACOM has strong, expert teams in Montreal and Toronto working at the intersection of business and communications. We help executives solve problems so their companies can perform better and are continually honoured by our extraordinary clients who trust us to look after their most precious asset: their reputation. We know what this means to them, and CASACOM takes it just as seriously as they do.

CASACOM is more than just a company. It is a place of discovery, exchange of ideas, and a shared sense of accomplishment. I am fortunate enough to enjoy this very human experience with people who hold shared values, like always giving your best. My favorite part of CASACOM is helping my clients reach their business objectives and ensuring that all members of our team are constantly striving towards ambitious professional goals.

There is, of course, more to my life than work. My life is a perfect balance of involvement in various charitable (Garde-Manger pour tous notably) and professional (Alliance des cabinets de relations publiques du Québec and Worldcom PR Group) organizations, family life, and many personal activities.

  • And you? How do you make a difference?

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