"Simplicity is the principle of art."

Michèle Fortier

Senior Consultant

I was lucky to grow up in one of the most beautiful corners of Quebec, the majestic Gaspésie. If the place we are born contributes in  shaping our vision of the world, this is surely where I learned that the most wonderful things are the simplest. Today, I see that one  well executed idea is worth a thousand, that innovation is not as  complex as it is believed to be, and that much of our role with clients is to help simplify their lives.

I knew early in life that I would work  in an area that would allow me to learn about different issues and dig deep to see things more clearly. . I thought  journalism would be the right  path for me and pursued communications in  college.  In my mind, the pursuit of university studies in journalism was still a goal when to my  surprise,  a public relations expert introduced her profession in one of my classes and  made me fall in love with this other aspect of communications that I previously was unfamiliar with.

Thus journalism was  set aside for a more holistic study in communications to help deepen my knowledge of other aspects such as public relations, organizational communication and semiology. I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Communication at Concordia University, followed by my Master’s degree in Communication at UQAM.

These enriching studies have given way to an inspiring career of more than 15 years, allowing me to work with  Canadian industry leaders such as Reebok Canada and Behavior Interactif, as well as leading PR agencies. From corporate communications, product launches, brand repositioning, to social media and advertising, I’ve worked on projects that have taken me on a journey across the whole communications spectrum. I am deeply grateful to work in this bubbling and always surprising world.

Today, I continue my professional happiness at CASACOM where the Gaspésienne in me has found joy in working with a collaborative and highly skilled team  to elevate public relations higher. And if you are looking for me outside the office, you can find me eating a delicious meal full of many flavours, in a local restaurant, with my inseparable and  adorable little family!

  • And you? What makes your life easier?