"Skill is forged by overcoming everyday challenges."

Mylène Demers

Senior Consultant
Montreal office

I love to take on challenges, and I hope to never stop learning. Excited, passionate, and determined, I’m filled with a profound sense of surpassing myself and helping others.

Indeed, I’ve always sought to understand people: their way of thinking and their way of interacting fascinates me. At university, I studied psychology for a year. Maybe this is why, in my position as a consultant at CASACOM, I love helping colleagues and clients reach their goals.

But something in addition to psychology explains my role at CASACOM. During my undergraduate years in communication at Université de Montréal, politics, photography, journalism, and social media all equally nurtured my passions. Later, an internship with a TVA television program and another internship with Clarins finally convinced me to make the leap into public relations. I am certain that, at CASACOM, my desire to open up to others and my love of research are both completely satisfied.

Faithful to my closely-held dreams—and because I know it is important to also have personal goals outside of work—I plan adventurous trips to the four corners of the world in my free time, and I’ve just gone parachuting for the very first time. Totally an experience of letting go!

  • And you, what challenge do you absolutely take on?

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