"Elevate through learning and sharing knowledge."

Stacy Cavery

Data analysis consultant

Graduating with a degree in e-commerce, as well as a minor in international business from the University of Montreal, I have solid experience in developing web strategies and on social media campaigns. My experience in this realm allows me to say that acting fast is a necessity in the digital world. We must anticipate trends of the web and be brave to try new things.

I completed my studies in four different places: Martinique, Guadeloupe, Lyon and Montreal. I am curious by nature and adapt quickly to new environments and projects. This flexibility and four years of experience in e-commerce allows me to understand the issues of a company, whether in terms of communications, conversions, management or reputation. I see constant learning and renewal as the keys to an effective online presence, and I look forward to propelling CASACOM to new heights.

I like challenging myself, surpassing my goals and having something that pushes me to excel: that’s why I studied in four different countries, created my own online pastry shop and got involved in activities that don’t have anything in common, such as learning Mandarin, take skating lessons or reading and finishing literature’s classic novels. My culture is part of who I am and that’s why, as soon as I have the opportunity, I plan on returning to Martinique.

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