"“We” is stronger than “me.”"

Stéphane Ethier

Montreal Office

Learning is my life, sharing knowledge is my passion, and the thought of helping people grow, develop, and excel puts the spark in my day.

It’s no surprise then that after completing degrees in science and law over twenty years ago, I set out on a career that has led me through every facet of the field of communications, first as a journalist and feature reporter in TV, radio, and magazines, then as a strategist and consultant with various organizations. But my real passion is being in front of a group, in the classroom, whether it’s at HEC Montréal, the University of Sherbrooke, or CASACADEMY.

CASACADEMY is much more than a training centre. It’s a place where leaders meet, share ideas, and hone their skills. Our clients and team members come here to become better communicators and to apply what they have learned in a warm and supportive environment, guided by experts with cutting-edge knowledge in their fields.
My love affair with learning has led me to pursue a PhD in management at HEC, where I completed an MBA in 2006. I am conducting research into organizational decision making and teaching sociology of the firm at the undergraduate level. I am also committed to a number of causes, including social and job integration for at-risk youth. For over a decade, I have had the honour of being a member of the board of directors of Insertech, a social enterprise active in technology and the environment, and I am also a board member of Télé-Québec and ACFAS (Association francophone pour le savoir). In my spare time, I collect vintage synthesizers, play the keyboard in a band with some friends, and explore new restaurants.

  • What about you? What puts the spark in your day?

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