College or university studies are the ticket to a bright future. Not surprisingly, when students have a choice of learning institutions, name recognition goes a long way. But a lot goes into building the reputation and raising the status of a college or university, including a highlyqualified faculty, quality teaching materials, breadth of research, and student involvement in the school and community. Other critical aspects include gaining exposure for the institution brand and having key professors, researchers, and members of the administration who are opinion leaders.

CASACOM’s extensive experience with schools and universities makes us your go-to strategic consultant in this area. We understand that institutions face a broad range of issues and challenges all their own, which is why we craft communication plans that are 100% tailored to your individual needs. We use these plans to help you improve your position as an institution, clarify your internal and external communications, strengthen your digital marketing strategy, increase your international exposure, and manage potential crises.

Current and past clients

  • Brisson Legris
  • Cégep de Sherbrooke
  • Centre NAD
  • Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal
  • Chemin-du-Roy School Board
  • Marguerite-Bourgeoys School Board
  • National Circus School
  • École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS)
  • HEC
  • The Study
  • Concordia University
  • Université de Montréal