Croque-livres: an acclaimed book sharing project


One of the largest Canadian Foundation, Fondation Lucie et André Chagnon (FLAC) looked to contribute to the educational success of young Québecers with the launch of Croque-Livres, a book sharing network. Croque-Livres is aimed at children aged 0 to 12 with the hopes of bringing communities together to encourage reading.


CASACOM set out to create a sustainable movement throughout Québec in partnership with local non-profit organizations, who perceived FLAC more as a competitor than a partner. We sought to raise interest and public awareness to keep the book sharing boxes active.

Strategy & Actions

CASACOM first helped to build relationships between FLAC and local organizations to create partnerships for Croque-Livres. We recommended giving 100 boxes to the first local organizations that would participate to encourage others to do the same. We brought in eight Québec celebrities to work with us, pro-bono. They each adopted a Croque-Livres in association with a local non-profit organization in their neighbourhood to increase public interest.

We gathered media, key partners and our celebrities to the official launch event, which was attended by more than 75 people. We kept the interest up through media relations. In addition to local media coverage, we had three well-known mommy bloggers talk about the project after sending a Croque-Livres to the local non-profit organization of their choice.

We maintained a social media presence through our celebrities’ accounts, mommy bloggers, partners’ as well as our own scheduled posts.


As a result, 613 Croque-Livres were put into circulation in 230 municipalities throughout Québec. We had received 41 TV, radio and printed media results, for a total reach of 6,019,421, positive at 95%. The local associations and partners also had extremely positive reactions, ultimately building lasting relationships for the future.

FLAC and CASACOM have won four awards for this project: two STRAT Infopresse: PR Prize and Grand Jury Prize, a North American Excellence Award and a Bronze Award of the National Excellence Awards from the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS).