The media industry is undergoing a sea change. More platforms are springing up, new formats are being developed, content is becoming more specialized, and “on demand” options are multiplying. The upshot is audience segmentation—in the print media and magazine world and on television, radio, and the web. Strong forces are driving these changes and advertising dollars are being siphoned away from traditional media.

In this rapidly shifting landscape, how do media channels stand out, reach their audiences, and attract advertisers all at the same time? Drawing on our experience working with multiple media companies, CASACOM can help you overcome these and other, more mundane challenges. Whether you’re creating a new channel, launching new programming, welcoming a celebrity host, renewing a license, implementing a digital strategy, or effecting a change in on-air direction, the CASACOM team can provide the support you need. We will implement a strategic promotional action plan to help you reach your goals.

Ever found yourself embroiled in controversy, despite your best efforts and intentions? CASACOM has helped a number of media clients—content developers, broadcasters, and associations, specifically—emerge from crisis. At a time when Twitter and Facebook can be veritable PR battlefields, our crisis management experts will be key resources in protecting your reputation.

Current and past clients

  • Canadian Association of Broadcasters
  • Corus Entertainment
  • Éditions Infopresse
  • Éditions La Presse
  • Naî
  • RNC Media
  • TV5