The growing popularity of digital platforms has breathed new life into the retail sector in recent years. Now more than ever, businesses must embrace e-commerce and find more and more creative ways to stand out against their competitors. Even businesses with strong reputations can use public relations campaigns to maintain their leading edge and expand their pool of buyers.

CASACOM will draw media and influencer attention to your business and its products through a tightly controlled integrated communication strategy that may include strategic positioning, media buying, partnerships, sponsorships, media relations, web communications, social media, and events.

No business is immune to sobering events like bankruptcy, strike, or controversy surrounding a product or an employee, so retailers must be prepared for anything. CASACOM specializes in managing crises and issues of all sorts—human resources, language, labelling, regulations, price fluctuations (due to exchange rates in particular), and more.

We have in-depth knowledge of Canada’s retail sector, in both French- and English-language markets. We have helped foreign companies get established in Quebec and Quebec companies expand worldwide. A number of international companies have successfully gained a toehold in the Canadian market by following our tailored strategies.

CASACOM delivers a personalized client experience with guaranteed results.

Current and past clients

  • Artemano
  • Staples
  • Eaton Centre
  • ECCO Shoes
  • Espace Plomberium
  • Etsy Canada
  • Deschênes Group
  • HBC
  • Landings Group
  • Metro
  • Michaels
  • Parasuco
  • Place Montréal Trust
  • Réno-Dépôt
  • Sears
  • Sobeys
  • Subway
  • Trevi
  • Urban Barn