TATA Communications: a worldwide telecom announcement


In June 2009, CASACOM orchestrated the announcement of a major voice services agreement between our client Tata Communications and BT Group —two of the world’s largest voice and IP service providers—together with the in-house teams of Tata Communications.

Our role consisted of getting the word out to all Tata Communications’ 5000 employees, suppliers and partners, as well as to the business media and telecommunications trade publications. This was indeed a world-class challenge!


Strategy & execution

CASACOM produced a communications plan that targeted priority markets (India, the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific) and that defined the best way to achieve specific goals for each one. The first step in a long negotiation process, the communications plan established the scope of the task right from the start.

We then developed internal and external tools and worked with TATA to develop media strategies with its British partner. CASACOM also prepared a strategy for the day of the announcement, which included targeted calls to main clients and providers throughout the world.

Finally, we coordinated the public relations team made up of representatives from India and a team from the USA. The time differences made for both an intense and wildly successful day, as the press release went around the world in just minutes.


The resounding success of the effort can be measured by the hundreds of articles published worldwide—including several in Montreal—and the satisfaction expressed by our client. The internal communications component was also a clear achievement, as we reached all Tata Communications’ employees as well as its important clients and providers.

In addition to the hundreds of media mentions generated, the project was characterized by countless, stimulating discussions between contributors posted in London, Mumbai, New York, and Montréal.