Digital communications, Web and social media

The evolution of the web, including the social media, is continually changing the way organizations communicate with their public whether they are investors, customers, employees and the media.

Whether it’s establishing a new web site, maximizing your corporate website, increasing your online store’s sales, attracting customers to your website or building your brand’s e-reputation or engaging with online journalists, our digital team can help you develop a strategy that will support your business growth strategy.

We offer full digital strategy planning services, from website design to user conversion and online marketing campaign management. Our digital data analysis expertise allows us to implement lasting solutions. Our goal is to promote the evolution of our clients’ web assets by developing strategic conversion elements.
We offer, among others, the following services:

  • Website design and digital brand image personalization
  • Development of communication and online marketing tools that are ideally suited to your business reality, your clientele, and your needs
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) strategy
  • Planning and managing keyword-based advertising campaigns on search engines and other digital networks
  • Consultation toward establishing and developing social media communities
  • Analytical planning and optimization of conversion and digital profitability
  • Social Media campaign (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.)
  • Bloggers relations
  • Digital trainings
  • Video, podcast and webinar conception and production

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