At CASACOM, we leverage public relations to help organizations achieve strong, structured, and sustainable growth. We have developed our own trademarked systematic approach of public relations with methodologies and tools, to make sure that organizations, inside and outside, are ‘rock’ solid. We call our system STRUCTURAL PR™.


Here are the STRUCTURAL PR™ guiding principles :

  • It works in partnership with the CEO, executives and their PR teams to establish, build and sustain organizations.
  • It starts with vision. From that singular driving point, brand is precisely defined, and relationships enhanced. It strengthens and aligns these three essential building blocks of a company to grow sustainable businesses – both internally and externally.
  • It provides a holistic view of an organization’s reputation.
  • It “ARMs” (Assess, Repair, Monitor) an organization for maximum efficiency and success with all its stakeholders and as an on-going diagnostic tool.
  • It strengthens the essential Public Relationship building blocks, to ensure a solid and growing organization, protecting it from external blows.
  • It employs performance metrics for assessment and monitoring and provides both immediate and long-term solutions for sustainable growth.
  • It can be learned and applied in any organization.


In order to support our clients with their various challenges, we offer a wide variety of public relations services. Click here to learn about them.