Agropur launches 4% Allégro Probio, a first on the Canadian light cheese market

Agropur’s Fine Cheese Division has launched Allégro Probio, the very first cheese containing only 4% fat and two probiotic bacteria, Bifidobacterium Lactis BB-12® and Lb rhamnosus GR-1®. In addition to containing these two good bacteria with benefits for the immune and digestive systems, Allégro Probio is ideal for people concerned with both their diet and weight. This new cheese with a taste the whole family will enjoy can be a valuable health ally in daily menu preparation.

Entirely natural, the BB-12®  and GR-1® probiotic bacteria contained in brand new Allégro Probio help stimulate the immune system and protect the body against intestinal infections.

A single 3 cm (30 g) cube of Allégro Probio contains more than a billion good bacteria. Low in fat, Allégro Probio is a great solution for anyone who wants to enjoy the daily benefits of probiotics.

As nutritionist Marthe Côté-Brouillette explains, “Since probiotics remain in the body only a few days, it is suggested they be consumed daily in order to continue enjoying their benefits.”

“It’s easy to include Allégro Probio in your daily diet,” explains Cinzia Cuneo, founder of SOSCuisine. “Add it to a salad or a sandwich, serve it on a skewer with fruit, or simply eat it plain, as a snack. Without even noticing or having to worry about your calorie intake, you’ll add flavor to your meals and gain allies for your health with probiotics!”

In addition, this new cheese bears the Health CheckTM logo—meaning its nutritional content has been verified by the Heart and Stroke Foundation and it meets specific nutritional criteria based on Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating.

For more details on the Allégro family of cheeses, visit www.myallegro.ca.

About the Agropur Fine Cheese Division
The Fine Cheese Division distinguishes itself through the quality and variety of its product line. Buoyed by the strength of its customer relations, it serves as a reliable benchmark for its many partners. The valuable training provided to store personnel by its seasoned team is ultimately passed on to consumers.

About Agropur

Established in 1938, Agropur Cooperative is a leader in the Canadian Dairy industry. It has some 3,939 members, over 4,000 employees, and 21 plants, as well as numerous distribution centers across the country. An innovative company committed to meeting customer needs, Agropur never stops investing in the research and development of new products that can improve consumer health. It processes almost two billion liters of milk each year and offers an impressive product line including popular brands Québon, Oka, Sealtest, Yoplait, Natrel, and Island Farms.

® Bifidobacterium Lactis BB-12 is a registered trademark of Chr. Hansen, Inc. and Lb rhamnosus-GR1 is a registered trademark of Urex Biotech Inc.

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