Stronger than ever after 40 years, Weight Watchers Québec salutes its thousands of members

Weight Watchers Québec is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, proud to have helped its 10,000 members lose weight and keep it off. Healthy, maintainable weight loss has been a core concern of Weight Watchers since it first introduced its unique personalized programs. The Weight Watchers approach has retained its popularity and quality throughout the past four decades thanks largely to the guidance and support it offers members. In addition, a recent review in Consumer Reports—the esteemed American counterpart to Protégez-vous—ranked Weight Watchers the second most comprehensive and effective weight loss program.

The Weight Watchers philosophy is simple: Eat the right foods and make wise food choices. There’s no point in depriving oneself or losing too many pounds too rapidly or drastically, since that inevitably leads to regaining lost weight. Personalized approaches and support are key to Weight Watchers because each individual has a specific metabolism—people don’t respond identically to weight loss programs.

Weight Watchers is also much more than just a weight loss program, because it focuses on maintaining a healthy weight. “Losing pounds is well and good, but once goal weight is achieved, it’s important to avoid regaining lost pounds. Healthy eating and an exercise program are essential to staying fit and healthy,” said Johanne Dupuis, general manager of Weight Watchers Québec.

Ongoing support, the key to success

The key to success at Weight Watchers lies in the individualized coaching and support that members receive from program leaders. The method has proved itself in Quebec. “The leaders are with us throughout our weight loss process—they give us so much encouragement to reach our goals. And group meetings give us an opportunity to share experiences, as well as our hard times and our successes,” said Sabrina Ayotte, a lifetime Weight Watchers member. Johanne Dupuis explained that Weight Watchers’ enthusiastic following is a direct result of this approach, which helps those in the program feel they aren’t alone in attempting to lose weight. Convinced of the value of ongoing support, the organization invites those interested in weight loss to attend a meeting at no obligation so they can learn how Weight Watchers operates.

In addition, all Weight Watchers employees have gone through the program and lost weight—a prerequisite to their employment—which means they are able to understand what’s involved in weight loss.

Programs that keep pace over time

Weight Watchers has modified its programs over the years to meet user needs, not simply to follow trends. The organization builds on specific factors that help its programs work, and a team of scientists oversees development of program updates in order to offer healthy and balanced options.

Today, Weight Watchers members can choose the Core Plan® option, based on low-energy-density foods, or the Flex Plan, based on a POINT system. And Weight Watchers At Work, a program offered since 1985, meets the needs of busy working people who want to take care of their health while balancing work and family responsibilities.

Another Weight Watchers advantage

Weight-related health problems are a major ongoing concern for Weight Watchers. In Quebec, free joining fee is now available by presenting a physician’s prescription at any Weight Watchers meeting. Visitors can be weighed and receive a weight loss assessment, based on body mass index, that will recommend healthy weight ranges.

Weight Watchers in Quebec

Weight Watchers has been in Quebec since 1967 and offers more than 185 weekly meetings as well as a number of meetings in workplaces across the province.

Weight Watchers International

Founded in 1963, Weight Watchers International has experienced impressive growth, with millions of people joining each year. Weight Watchers is the world leader in health and weight loss, and now operates a vast service network with over 48,000 meetings offered each week in 30 countries.

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