A Canadian first! Introducing a new fresh cheese with the “3P Formula” to help children combat microbes every day

Yoplait is adding to its Minigo family by launching Yoplait Minigo Immuni+ JrTM, the very first fresh cheese for children in Canada that contains Yoplait’s exclusive 3P Formula. With a specific combination of probiotics, prebiotics and protein, this product is a delicious way to provide children with an extra defence against viruses and bad bacteria.

Yoplait Minigo Immuni+ JrTM contains the probiotic strain BB-12® (Bifidobacterium), which is the third most studied probiotic in the world. Its benefits on children’s immune systems have therefore been clearly demonstrated. Bifidobacteria such as BB-12® are the good bacteria that predominate in the intestinal flora of breastfed children. Our selected prebiotics, on the other hand, are kinds of natural soluble fibre that promote probiotic development. Together, probiotics and prebiotics provide the body with good bacteria that stimulate the digestive and immune capacity of the intestinal flora in addition to facilitating protein assimilation. Protein is the basic material used to produce antibodies, which are components of the body’s specific defence against microbes. Yoplait Minigo Immuni+ JrTM, with a taste as good and a texture as smooth and creamy as the highly kid-popular original Minigo, also contains vitamins and minerals that contribute to the actions of the immune system.

“Every day, we are exposed to thousands of bacteria and viruses: at home, in daycares, at school and in public places. All of these areas pose a high risk of microbe transmission. As the immune systems of children are in development, children are not as well equipped as adults to handle bad bacteria. An ally for children’s health such as Yoplait Minigo Immuni+ JrTM can help prevent illness by reinforcing children’s immune systems. Eating this new product and maintaining good hygiene is therefore a great way to keep microbes at bay,” says Nathalie Thibault, an infection prevention consultant and a microbiologist with a master’s in immunology.

“In general, eating a healthy and varied diet helps reinforce the immune system. However, it is not always possible to eat perfectly; a functional food such as Yoplait Minigo Immuni+ JrTM can help correct certain dietary deficiencies in children. Of course, staying healthy means ensuring that you get the required vitamins, minerals and protein. In fact, many studies have demonstrated the beneficial effects of these dietary elements on immunity and health. Probiotics also act in many ways: they help the immune system defend against pathogens, they compete with disease-causing bacteria, and they help the body absorb different compounds from food, such as fibre and vitamins,” explains nutritionist Linda Montpetit.

To find out more about Yoplait Minigo Immuni+ JrTM and its benefits, visit www.yoplait.ca/minigo/en.

About Yoplait

At the forefront of Canada’s yogurt and fresh cheese market for more than 35 years, Yoplait products are synonymous with quality, diversity and innovation. Yoplait markets over a hundred products in Canada under such reputed brand names as Yoplait Minigo, Yoplait Tubes, Yoplait Source, Yop from Yoplait, Yoplait Creamy, Yoplait Basket Fat-Free, Spring Valley, and Yoptimal Immuni+TM from Yoplait. At Yoplait, eating healthfully and having fun is not a contradiction: it’s our mission. This is why we offer yogourts and other dairy products to make all of life’s moments that much more enjoyable.
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BB-12® Bifidobacterium Lactis is a registered trademark of Chr. Hansen, Inc.

Source: Diane Jubinville, Director of Public and Consumer Relations

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