Great health news: Yoplait improves its products for children and unveils the Yoplait Minigo and Yoplait Tubes product lines with 25% less sugar

Yoplait is pleased to announce that, in addition to the calcium and added vitamin D in all of its products, it is now putting 25% less sugar in its yogourts and fresh cheeses, which include Yoplait Minigo (Original, Duo and Immuni+ Jr.), and Yoplait Tubes. This innovation from Yoplait will help reduce children’s sugar intake, which is sure to make parents happy!
Always looking to develop superior quality products that meet the needs and expectations of consumers, Yoplait has changed the recipes of Yoplait Minigo (Original, Duo and Immuni+ Jr.) and Yoplait Tubes to provide yogourts and fresh cheeses that have less sugar and no artificial colour but still have delicious taste.

Reduced sugar: Great health news…

Carbohydrates are essential for good physical health and the normal functioning of our bodies. According to recommendations in the Canadian Food Guide, 45 to 65% of the calories we consume every day should come from carbohydrates. However, it also recommends that we limit our consumption of added sugar.
“You should not completely eliminate sugar from your diet or that of your children. You should instead limit how much sugar you eat and opt for foods that have good nutritious value. By putting25 % less sugar in its products, Yoplait is making yet another step towards helping consumers eat a healthy diet,” explained nutritionist Linda Montpetit.
Yoplait Minigo Original fresh cheese now contains 8 g of total carbohydrates per 60-g serving. This is comparable to the amount of carbohydrates in an average-sized raw carrot or 125 ml of raw raspberries. Yoplait Minigo Immuni+ Jr. contains 10 g of total carbohydrates per 60-g serving, or the same amount in a peach or white grapefruit. Finally, Yoplait Tubes has 7 g of total carbohydrates per 60-g serving, or the equivalent of a red pepper or star fruit.

Excellent news for parents!

To clearly identify this new 25% reduction in sugar content, the packaging of Yoplait Minigo (Original, Duo and Immuni+ Jr.) and Yoplait Tubes now features a post-it note label. For more information, we invite you to visit www.yoplait.ca or consult the enclosed table.

About Yoplait

At the forefront of Canada’s yogourt and fresh cheese market for almost 40 years, Yoplait products are synonymous with quality, diversity and innovation. Yoplait markets over a hundred products in Canada under such reputed brand names as Yoplait Minigo, Yoplait Tubes, Yoplait Source, Yop from Yoplait, Yoplait Creamy, Yoplait Basket Fat-Free, Yoptimal from Yoplait, and now, Yoplait Kidz. At Yoplait, eating healthfully and having fun is not a contradiction: it is our mission. This is why we offer yogourts and other dairy products to make all of life’s moments that much more enjoyable.
For more information about Yoplait products, visit our company Web site: yoplait.ca.

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