CASACOM announces the signing of a major global agreement between two telecommunications giants

CASACOM recently orchestrated the announcement of a major voice services agreement between Tata Communications and British Telecom (BT)-two of the world’s largest voice and IP service providers-together with the inhouse teams of its client Tata Communications.

BT telephone booth

BT telephone booth

The press release went around the world in just minutes. In addition to the hundreds of media mentions generated, the project was characterized by countless, stimulating discussions between contributors posted in London, Mumbai, New York, and Montreal. The announcement was made simultaneously to all target audiences of both companies. Our role consisted of getting the word out to all Tata Communications employees, suppliers, and partners, as well as to the business media and telecommunications trade publications.

Through the five-year agreement, Tata Communications will become BT’s primary supplier of International Direct Dial (IDD) and other voice termination services outside BT’s own footprint countries and BT will become Tata Communication’s main distribution channel for its IDD traffic into the UK, expanding into other markets across Europe as the relationship matures.

logo-tata_com-250By providing each party with access to additional capacity and flexibility, the relationship will allow BT and Tata Communications to benefit from each others’ strengths as they develop and grow their businesses in their respective markets.

The resounding success of the effort can be measured by the hundreds of articles published around the world-including several in Montreal-and the sincere satisfaction expressed by our client.

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