When Twitter gets the scoop on La Presse: CASACOM creates a noteworthy campaign for Hyundai!

A recent CASACOM campaign for Hyundai’s Clean Air Commitment definitely did not go unnoticed. After observing journalists’ clear interest for this news story, Influence Communication posted the following comments on Twitter:

Influence Communication

Journalists who covered the news story the day before wanted to learn more. La Presse wrote : “According to the calculations of Influence Communication, Hyundai took up 1.06% of Quebec media coverage on Wednesday compared with 0.19% in Canada. If Hyundai had paid for this amount advertising, it would have spent $440,467.” […] “For comparison purposes, one of the most lucrative campaigns over the past few years was the hiring of Céline Dion as spokesperson for Air Canada. The airline received 24 hours of media coverage worth about $175,000 in Quebec alone.”

This campaign was a resounding success with the Quebec media. All major daily newspapers, several radio stations and Web sites, as well as the daily news programs on Radio-Canada, RDI, CBC and CTV talked about the Clean Air Commitment program.

This example shows how Twitter can be a resource not only to relay pure information but also to effectively position experts with mass media.

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