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The CASACOM team was very pleased to introduce leading social media specialist and internationally renowned blogger Jay Baer to a group of 150 clients, partners, and friends who were gathered at Ex-Centris this past Thursday. He was in Montreal for the North American launch tour of his book The Now Revolution (co-authored by Amber Naslund). Jay Baer is a long-standing friend of CASACOM, having been part of one of the companies of the Worldcom PR Group, the international group with which our firm is affiliated.

His main message? That social media revolution and real-time communication aren’t just taking place online. For organizations to truly be involved, they must transform themselves from the inside, both in terms of internal culture and management. According to Jay,

business culture has changed more in the last three years than in the prior 30. In the face of all these fundamental changes, which make every customer a potential reporter and every employee a potential spokesperson, organizational re-engineering is a must.

« Success isn’t about « being on Twitter » or mastering any other particular social tool. Instead, success accrues to businesses that are present, agile, responsive, and prepared. It isn’t really a technology trend at all, but rather a trend of humanization that makes your people as much the star of your show as your products have been traditionally », said Jay Baer.
In The Now Revolution, the authors suggest 7 shifts for businesses:


  1. Strip away silos and overgrown business process, and create a culture of NOW
  2. Hire and empower a new type of employee who is adept at pattern recognition, human relations, and immediate analysis
  3. Organize internal teams for maximum external impact, and empower every employee as a marketer, even if they aren’t
  4. Listen at the point of need and answer the social telephone
  5. Travel the Humanization Highway, and respond effectively and persuasively to customer inquiries
  6. Plan for, find and manage real-time crises
  7. Redesign success metrics in a business world that’s increasingly instantaneous

Jay Baer’s presentations are always enlightening. His vision of social media urges corporate management teams to take strategic and concrete responsibility for the social media revolution, even though unfortunately, this still isn’t happening enough right now. I am sure this revolution from the inside will happen sooner or later-why not start now?

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