Beautiful Heat Celebrates Indulgent Home Design with a Multi-Sensory Experience at the Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto

At CASACOM, there’s nothing we love more than creating new brand experiences for our clients. Our recent “Indulge Your Senses” event for Beautiful Heat, a hydronic radiant heating association, was no exception.

Working with Karen Sealy, award-winning interior designer, design expert on Cityline and host of HGTV’s Summer Home, and celebrity Chef and host of TV show Restaurant Makeover Brad Long, we brought together inspired design, decadent local foods and the energy-efficient, luxurious warmth of radiant heat to create a multi-sensory event. Held at the eco-friendly Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto, we hosted some of Toronto’s top renovation, interior design and industry media for an indulgent evening focused on education and awareness of the comfort and design potential of hydronic radiant heating.

Taking the approach of a “five-senses experience of home comfort and design”, we took guests through a series of stations that tempted their sense of:

  • SMELL with aromatherapy hand massages;
  • TASTE buds with an organic and local buffet of flavours from Chef Brad Long SIGHT with “green” design and trendy fabrics from Owner and Lead Designer of Sealy Design Karen Sealy;
  • TOUCH with foot massages and the sensation of the hydronic radiant heated floor of our venue, the Evergreen Brick Works; and
  • SOUND, by treating guests to a presentation from Sealy on design, homeowner Dan Freeman about his recent renovations, and Zak Bhamani from the Asthma Society of Canada on improved air quality. Hans Kircher, Chairman of Beautiful Heat also explained the benefits of hydronic radiant heating, noting the natural heating potential of water, which is able to hold almost 3,500 times more heat than air.

We are really proud of the work of our Toronto team, and greatly appreciate everyone who helped us create such a special and unique experience for the media including Karen Sealy, Brad Long, the Asthma Society of Canada, Dan Freeman and the Evergreen Brick Works. Congratulations Beautiful Heat on an amazing debut!

Beautiful Heat is a Canadian association of manufacturers and importers of radiant heating products who have come together to help Canadians learn more about the benefits in efficiency, in-home environment, comfort and design with radiant home-heating systems. Instead of forcing hot air into a cold space, a radiant heating system is engineered to bring uniform, even heat to every corner of every room. A radiant system circulates heated water throughout your home using a network of durable, small-diameter tubes in floors, walls and baseboards.

To learn more, please visit Beautifulheat.com, follow Beautiful Heat on Facebook or Twitter @beautiful_heat

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