Martine in Stockholm – Preparing for a Professional Exchange

It brings me great joy to write this post.  As per the title, I am leaving shortly for Stockholm where I will have the opportunity to pursue a two-week professional exchange.

From June 16th to 28th (when the sun goes down only for a few hours), I will work with the  Oxenstierna&Partners (OXP) team,  a Swedish partner of our international network, Worldcom PR Group, and work collaboratively on various projects, using the language of Shakespeare, Thank God!  And in August, we will welcome a member of their team in our Montreal office.  This international exchange is offered to employees who have been with CASACOM for three years.

In order to take full advantage of this unique opportunity, I have set three goals:

  • Accept as many invitations as possible to go out and meet people in order to fully soak in the Swedish culture
  • Form lasting friendships
  • Fully immerse myself in the experience of a Scandinavian public relations firm to identify and adopt best practices

To prepare myself, I read about Stockholm and the Swedish society in tourist guides and in the international press.  There is no doubt that a good knowledge of the host country facilitates integration.  As a matter of fact, I will be hosted by Swedish people for the entire length of my stay.  What better way to immerse myself in the local culture and values​!  I have already contacted my future colleagues through Skype on a few occasions.  We discussed the professional exchange, our clients and the mandates.  We are excited to share our experiences, best practices, and most importantly, to inspire each other.  I will share my discoveries and thoughts in a future post that I will write live from Stockholm.

Here we are a few days before the big departure. Do you have any suggestions and/or comments?  I’m open to them!  Do not hesitate to drop me a line!


Tack!(Thank you!)







OXP is located on the first floor of one of those buildings, in the heart of Stockholm.


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