An Open Dialogue on Internal Communications

At CASACOM, we believe that internal communications is a business critical function.  A relevant internal communications strategy can advance organizations as they adapt and evolve through times of transition and change, embrace the communication preferences of diverse teams, and create more purposeful, inspiring workplaces.

Recently, we hosted a CASACADEMY on the importance of Internal Communications, where our guests openly shared their challenges, opportunities and ideas. While much of our conversation will remain forever within our walls, we can share some key themes with you.

1.  Adapting to change requires a new outlook on communications

Companies must improve how they communicate change but also ensure their communications have adapted as well, providing context and relevance to each employee’s role in advancing the business. We need to embrace change management theory but also ensure ongoing evaluation of messaging and vehicles.

2. CEOs need to become more inspiring storytellers 

The role of the CEO has continued to evolve. As communicators, we are in the optimal position to help CEOs and other leaders become more inspirational and engaging.  Face to face communications remain the most inspiring, which requires that leaders need to prepare and plan for all employee interactions.

3.  Discover creative opportunities to surprise & delight    

One of our guests made a great point by saying the future of employee engagement is dependent on surprise and delight.  Even in times of heavy workload, people still want to have fun! Whether it’s an unexpected visit from the CEO or even an ice-cream truck on a Friday afternoon, we need to find creative opportunities to help employees feel valued.

4. Connect internal communications to business performance

As research shows, when employees are engaged, they are more innovative, creative and productive, which improves overall business performance. Having an compelling employee value proposition and relevant key messages for leaders and managers are essential, particularly when dealing with multi-generational workforces.


As everyone agreed, it is an exciting time to be in internal communications. There is great opportunity for creativity, inspiration and personal satisfaction. On behalf of the CASACOM team, we want to extend our thanks to all those who attended our CASAcademies in Montreal and Toronto. We look forward to hosting more in the near future!

At our Toronto CASAcademy, Carolyn Ray spoke with Leah Eichler, founder of Femme-O-Nomics and women@work Globe and Mail columnist about her new digital product R/ally, a mobile collaboration platform that enables shared goal setting and employee engagement. To read more about the application, click here.

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