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My internship at Oxenstierna & Partners (OXP) has come to an end. The past two weeks went by so fast, I can hardly believe it! I feel very privileged to have had the experience of working in a Scandinavian public relations firm and will cherish the memories from my time spent there.

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Obviously, an internship is a time designated to make observations and to compare working methods. However, whether you’re in Montreal or in Stockholm, certain practices transcend boarders! Here are the top 3 similarities I found in working methods:

3 – No answers without questions asked! Every project must start with a clear understanding of the needs, goals and challenges of the client: understanding the business plan and business development, analyzing the news and the latest trends in the industry, identifying strengths, weaknesses, clients and target audiences, etc. This process is essential. To develop communication plans and strategies, your researching has to be relevant, targeted and effective.

2 – Building a long-term relationship with customers, the media and colleagues is a key ingredient for strong and lasting relationships. When a relationship develops, chemistry is set, confidence builds and becomes mutual. At Oxenstierna, as at CASACOM, the partnership with the customer is fundamental to our business practice.

1 – The last similarity and not least is to be passionate about what you do. Enjoying work is to be passionate about your mandates and have the motivation to get customers, partners and colleagues to excel. How else when working in this fascinating world of the PR industry?

How about you? What do you consider being best practices?

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my Swedish colleagues who supported and guided me throughout the whole process of being in a new environment and organization. They were amazing! As well, I want to thank my colleagues at CASACOM for giving me the the opportunity to leave the office and experience public relations from a different perspective.

My swedish colleagues at work

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Anna Oxenstierna and me

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