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Daniel Debow, one of five judges for The Globe and Mail’s Innovators at Work, a contest to identify creative business people who may not have been recognized, says the secret to innovation is mostly based on partnerships and relationship building and great communication. Debow explains that innovation isn’t only about the idea or technology; it’s about how you apply that idea for instance and what you get done with it. You also don’t need to have an outgoing personality to be innovative either; innovation is more about connecting the right people with compatible strengths.

To read more about Daniel Debow’s thoughts on innovation, view link below:

It’s as much about the pitch as the product” (Globe and Mail)


As we all know providing content is one of the best ways to drive people to your website today. Various types of content can work wonders in capturing the attention of consumers and leading them towards your website, but you have to provide some sort of value. Thomas J. Armitage, an Internet marketing and content specialist at Site-Seeker (a digital marketing agency in Central New York) created a list of 101 things that can act as content on websites. It is important to remember that content will help attract traffic, gather more social shares and improve SEO efforts.

To see all 101 suggestions, see link below:

101 different types of content” (PR Daily)

Giving Back:

Giving back is always a great and rewarding thing to do. In the business world it is assumed that larger companies give back the most, while small companies are viewed as being strapped for time and resources to invest in social causes. However, the recent installment of the American Express Small Business Monitor, which focused on social responsibility, shows that this is not accurate. It surveyed more than 500 Canadian firms with less than 100 employees and discovered that about nine in 10 feel it’s their duty to give back and contribute to their communities.

You can find other key findings of the AMEX Monitor (co-produced by Canadian Business) in the link below.

Giving Back is Good Business” (Marketing Magazine)

Thought of the day:

Communication is not what you say, it is what the other person hears. – PR News’ Best PR Advice Book


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