CASACOM’s Top Three Communications Stories of the Week

Were you too busy to read about the latest trends in social media or missed some news in the agency world this week? No need to worry. You can read our three favourite PR and communications stories of this past week to catch up.

2014 Social Media Trends:

Social media can do a lot for businesses and organizations are starting to understand it’s more than a giant platform for marketing messages. There are seven social media trends that are beginning to shape 2014 and Media Mosaic examines them in an infographic they have put together. Below are the seven trends, but are described in further detail in the infographic you can see in the link included.

  • Social listening
  • Social advertising
  • Images as marketing tools
  • Social media teams
  • Social media integration with business
  • Social data
  • Customer engagement

7 social media trends in 2014” (PR Daily)


How do the best brands get things done? Jim Sullivan, CEO of Sullivision, a Wisconsin-based marketing, sales and leadership consulting firm, outlines four tips that businesses can do to get more consistent results.

1.  Focus on what’s important
2. Have specific measurable goals
3. Communicate goals to your entire team
4. Make quality hiring a priority and hold employees accountable

To read more about these tips, you can view the article below:

4 Things Successful Businesses Do to Get Consistent Results” (Fast Company)

Agency News:

The successful Montreal-based Commerce and Creativity conference took place this week and announced an ambitious global expansion for C2 next year in Madrid. The plan is to launch a year later in Asia and have annual events in the Middle East and South America. The purpose of this expansion is to build a bridge to increase the global reach of Quebec-based business, as well as to distribute a Montreal vision for innovation. The goal is to make it a symbol of Quebec and Montreal creativity at the international level.

To read more about C2 expanding outside of Canada, please view here:

C2 to expand beyond Canada in 2015” (Marketing Magazine)

Thought of the week:

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” – Albert Einstein


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