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We hope you all enjoyed Canada Day this week. Since some of you may have taken an extended vacation, you might have missed some interesting communications and PR stories this week. Not to worry, we have chosen our top three favourites for you to catch up on.

Networking & Media Relations:

Not everyone gets it right when it comes to networking. As you know networking is not just about self-promotion and trading business cards, it’s about building connections and relationships. This is also true for media relations. Most tips you find on networking can also be great tips for media relations. This makes sense because media relations is all about building relationships and establishing connections too. Ashley Halberstadt, director of digital media relations for DigitalRelevance (an online marketing agency in Indianapolis), writes about some networking tips that “actually work” and how they translate to productive relationships with people in the media.

Want to know how networking and media relations tips can create relationships? Please view the link below:

12 networking tips to improve media relations” (PR Daily)

Social Media:

There are so many statistics on social media, some of them that are not very surprising and others that are unique or you wouldn’t expect. This article provides some of the best social media statistics over the past few months. There are some fun and surprising statistics for how you can better share your content on social media.

1. Your biggest advocates have the fewest followers
2. Twitter has 6 distinct communication networks
3. Marketers say written content trumps visuals
4. You have less than an hour to respond on Twitter
5. Late night is the best time for retweets
6. Fridays are Facebook’s best day for engagement
7. Photos drive engagement on Facebook pages
8. Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter drive the most traffic
9. Aim for 28, 118 or 385 interactions per post (it depends on your total fans)
10. There’s a best day for everything on Pinterest

To learn more about these statistics in detail, please read the article below:

10 Significant Things You Likely Didn’t Know About Social Media But Should” (Fast Company)


As we enter summer many co-workers go on vacation (perhaps even yourself). You would think stress levels in the office would dwindle, but sometimes that isn’t the case. Stress can actually be magnified by the thinning out of a company’s workforce in the summer. The PR News community shared their tips on how to manage on-the-job stress during those days when there are not many people around. These tips can really help and focus your time and energy.

To read about how to manage on-the-job stress, please view the article link below:

13 Tips to Manage Your Summertime On-the-Job Stress” (PR News)

Thought of the week:

“Do not dwell in the past; do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” – Buddha

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