CASACOM’s Top Three Communications Stories of the Week

It’s Friday, which means our three favourite PR and communications tips and stories of the week are here. Enjoy!


Team members of Shannon Brayton, the vice president of corporate communications for LinkedIn, frequently ask her how she finds hidden emails so quickly. They want to know her secret for staying organized in the clutter of emails, meetings and calls. Her secret is very simple: Embrace the delete button. After you’ve read and processed an email, you should delete it. It’s important to get comfortable with the idea of removing low-priority conversations. Here are some of her suggestions:

  • Decide and delete daily
  • The monthly zap
  • Cut email in half
  • Be a power filer
  • Chop the block

To read about these tips in further detail, please see the article link below:

5 ways to keep your email manageable” (PR Daily)

PR vs. Advertising:

People know the difference between advertising and public relations, right? You would be surprised that many people still don’t, including professionals who should know. In simple terms advertising is paid media, public relations is earned media. This article delves into the difference between the two and also looks at the recent study by Nielsen on the role of content in the consumer decision-making process.

To learn a bit more about advertising and public relations, you can dive in deeper at the following link:

The Real Difference Between PR and Advertising” (Forbes)

Social Media:

Millions watched Brazil’s loss to Germany in the World Cup semi-final match this week. It has since been called historic, stunning and unimaginable, among many other things. However, through Brazil’s shocking unravel, a number of brands jumped at the opportunity to use the drama for social media gain. Digiday, a media company and community for digital media, marketing and advertising professionals, provides a summary of brands newsjacking the Brazilian defeat. Many believe that newsjacking is good for a brand, but Brazil losing the way it did is different.

To read more and see examples of what some brands did, please view the link below:

Brands Newsjacking Brazil’s World Cup Loss Playing With Fire” (PR News)

Thought of the week:

PR starts and ends with the relationship.” – PR News’ Best PR Advice Book


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