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Interested in what our favourite communications stories and tips are for this past week? Take a break and read our top three!


What’s so useful about hashtags? Hashtags may be small, but they’re an important part of a brand’s social media strategy and can help a brand achieve its social media goals. When used in the right way, they can turn a few simple words into something powerful. Stephanie Vermillion, a senior account executive at Wordsworth Communications, a public and media relations agency based in Cincinnati, Ohio, provides tips on how to use hashtags that will help you achieve your social media goals.

  • Participate in events.
  • Engage with your target tweeters.
  • Raise awareness of events you host.
  • Know what’s trending with your key audience.
  • Get your chat on – strategically.

To read about each in further detail you can view the article link.

How to hashtag for Twitter success” (PR Daily)


According to San Diego, California-based personal empowerment expert Susan Fowler, real motivation doesn’t come from external rewards; motivation comes from making some adjustments in how you think about your situation. Fowler says changing the way you think and adding some key habits can help you get your motivation back. Here are a few suggestions. More details on each tip are provided in the article:

  • Get in touch with your “why.”
  • Find the value in the things you hate.
  • Celebrate victories.
  • Find a champion.

How to Rediscover Your Motivation” (Fast Company)


Each week The Globe and Mail has experts weigh in on how small to medium businesses can overcome issues they are facing. This week Macadamian Technologies Inc. discusses how they are dealing with the new anti-spam law. Before the law, they sent out helpful white papers, customer testimonials, podcasts and videos to build and form relationships. The challenge now is, how can Macadamian make up for the reduction in effectiveness of its e-mail marketing? Three experts weighed in on the subject and provided their opinions and suggestions.

To read these experts’ thoughts and advice please see the article link below:

Anti-spam law is a pain in the marketing plan” (Globe and Mail)

Thought of the week:

When PR and marketing pros have empathy with their audience, they’ll have confidence. – Brian Solis


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