CASACOM’s Top Three Communications Stories of the Week

Before enjoying the weekend, why not catch up on a few communications and PR stories and tips from this week. Here are our top three:

Public Relations:

According to a new study by the Communications & Public Relations Foundation (CPRF), most Canadian PR people have a positive outlook on the profession; specifically when it comes to development and growth. CPRF funded two new research studies on PR in Canada:

1) The “GAP VIII” report conducted in partnership with Halifax’s Mount Saint Vincent University.

2) “Do They Have What it Takes” conducted by McMaster University.

Both studies illustrate a positive image for the PR profession. Please see the below article link to learn more about each study and to read a few interesting highlights from each.

The Future Looks Bright For PR: Survey” (Marketing Magazine)

Results for Your Brand:

James Grant, a veteran publicist and President and CEO of JGPR (James Grant Public Relations) shares his beliefs on how to succeed at getting great PR results for your brand.

Grant says, “the development and implementation of a major public relations campaign requires extensive strategic thinking and informed targeting of media objectives.” The main objective is to get those that make the decisions in the media to really consider your pitch.

Here are 5 critical strategies to help with your PR campaign’s success rate. To read more about each strategy please view the link below:

  • Nail the pitch.
  • Do your due diligence.
  • Strategically leverage long-term relationships in the media.
  • Know when to use the phone to pitch an editor and when not to.
  • “No” is only no for now.

5 Ways To Generate Powerhouse PR Results For Your Brand” (Forbes)


Did you know the PR industry grew 11 percent globally in 2013? In the next decade the industry is expected to grow more than 20%. Today, there are a number of new tools that companies can use to help them with their own PR. However, organizations still turn to agencies and in-house PR teams when a real communications strategy is needed because they realize there are certain things that only PR professionals can do.

In the article link provided you can view the top 10 skills PR pros have that other professionals don’t:

10 skills PR pros have that other professionals don’t” (PR Daily)

Thought of the week:

If you can’t write your pitch on the back of a business card, you don’t have a clear, concise pitch. – PR News’ Best PR Advice Book

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