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Many of us have heard countless of times that traditional media (newspapers to television advertising) is dying or that it has died. However, traditional media is still around and has expanded since the arrival of the Internet. In fact, traditional press releases are still in use today (we use them here at CASACOM). Most of the time press releases are a great form of communication for businesses to get their products or events noticed.

John Pilmer, CEO of PilmerPR reviews the purpose of and history behind the press release in the below article.

The press release remains the cornerstone of PR” (PR Daily)

Social Media & PR:

The PRSA’s 2014 international conference concluded earlier this week and PR News talked to the association’s leadership to get a sense of what is going on in the PR industry; such as some of the challenges facing communicators, as well as the direction of the PR industry. Below are a few of the things that came up.

  • Think integrated and improve business literacy – have a better appreciation of the marketing-PR nexus.
  • Embrace research and analytics – with the variety of digital tools now available, there are no more excuses.
  • Balance social media with traditional PR strategies – key to align social media programming with overall business goals and objectives.

Embracing Social Media Shouldn’t Come at the Expense of Traditional PR” (PR News)


According to results from food industry research and consulting firm, Technomic, more than half of Canadians are buying dinner outside of the home at least once a week because of convenience, cravings and the experience. Technomic recently released an infographic that highlighted which menu items at full-service restaurants are growing the fastest and much more.

There are also some key themes from the Canadian Dinner & Late-Night Consumer Trend Report for 2014 you can read in the article link below.

Infographic: dining-out trends” (Strategy Magazine)

Thought of the week:

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” – Mike Buckley



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