Digital marketing, press releases and new technology: What caught our attention this week!

What’s in store for digital marketing next year? Why read competitor press releases? Is the Toronto Star launching a new tablet edition? You can read up on these stories in our three favourite communications and PR stories of the week.


To coincide with the launch of the Toronto Star’s new tablet edition next year, Torstar Corporation plans to remove the paywall at the newspaper. The main focus is on delivering content across multiple platforms, which hopefully will attract more readers and bring national advertisers back into the mix. Since La Presse has experience with developing and producing its own publication for the iPad, Torstar signed a deal with them to help create a new tablet product for the Toronto Star. It will be interesting to see how the new tablet edition will affect The Toronto Star’s readership. Stay tuned…

Toronto Star to eliminate paywall in 2015; launch new tablet edition” (Marketing Magazine)

Digital Marketing:

In this article, Sujan Patel, VP of Marketing at When I Work says that if businesses want to continue reaching potential customers online, they need to follow the trends. Twenty seasoned digital marketing experts expressed how they think digital marketing will change in 2015 and based on their responses, Patel came up with some predictions. We have outlined the six predictions below and they are explained in further detail in the article link.

1. Content Will Be More Important Than Ever
2. Marketing Channels Will Be Even More Connected
3. Mobile Will Take Over
4. Marketing Campaigns Will Be More Data-Driven & More Hyper-Targeted
5. The Laggards Will Finally Adopt
6. Google Plus Will Go Extinct

6 Predictions About The State of Digital Marketing In 2015” (Forbes)

Press Releases:

It can sometimes be frustrating to see that a competitor’s press release was published in a local newspaper or large media outlet, when you were trying to do the same. However, looking at a competitor’s press release closely can be very beneficial as it might show you how they got into print. There are many lessons you can take away from someone else’s success, even if it’s the competition’s. Below are some tips of what to look for, but they are explained in more detail in the article link.

      • What you’re doing wrong
      • Your competitors’ campaign ideas
      • Writing ideas

What you can learn from competitors’ press releases” (PR Daily)

Thought of the week:

“There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.” – Seth Godin


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