WHAT CAUGHT OUR ATTENTION THIS WEEK? Team Building, Instagram & Digital Devices!

Our weekly top three favourite communications and PR stories are here. From Instagram to the importance of team meetings and the future of digital screens, we cover it all.


New research from Microsoft Advertising shows what roles each digital screen has in a Canadian’s life. According to the research mobile phones aren’t just for keeping in touch anymore, they are becoming caretaker-like devices, which help manage our day-to-day tasks.

Some of the highlights from the research are listed below, but more details are provided in the article link below:

  • Of those surveyed, 53% said their phones occupied their time when they were on the go in the previous week, with 37% using it to help manage their day-to-day tasks and 27% saying they used it for online shopping.
  • In regards to multi-screen consumption, 75% of Canadians are using more than one screen at once and half use them in sequence, or start an activity on one device before continuing it on another.
  • 20% of campaigns in 2013 had multi-screen elements; it is estimated to grow to almost half by 2016.

What’s your device personality?” (Strategy)


Canadian Instagram users might have noticed something different this week on their news feed…ads! For the first phase, ads will only come from six brands that were hand-selected by the company which were based on their presence on the platform. The six brands are: Hudson’s Bay, Target Canada, Sport Chek, Air Canada, Mercedes Benz Canada and Travel Alberta. There are no finalized plans for a bigger rollout yet because the company wants to take things slow and get the experience right for its users. Instagram’s aim is to make sure the ads feel very natural. It will be interesting to see how Canadian Instagram users respond to these ads on their feeds.

Instagram rolls out ads in Canada” (Marketing Magazine)

Team Building:

Meetings don’t usually excite employees and tend to have a bad rap; however, regular team meetings are critical to a company’s success. There are many tools that help with team building and collaboration among employees, but face-to-face meetings are key. Speaking face-to-face brings co-workers closer together and can grow a company. Below are a few points on how team meetings can change a company’s culture and dynamic.

1. Face time increases transparency
2. Huddles foster creativity
3. How to make it work:

  • Ban computers
  • Provide food
  • Give important updates
  • Show appreciation
  • Leave time for questions

How to Hold a Weekly Team Meeting Without Wasting People’s Time” (Inc)

Thought of the week:

“What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise.” – Oscar Wilde


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