Winning the trust of others is undoubtedly one of the great challenges facing business leaders today. Scandals, big and small, that  have occurred in recent years have had a direct impact on corporate reputation and impacted their growth.

Several leaders are wondering how to turn the tide and build a solid and lasting reputation.

What matters most, regardless of the business you are leading, is the intangible, the human side of management. With it, we can inspire, influence and motivate others’ ideas and dreams. We can turn the tide.

I believe that women entrepreneurs put this into practice, particularly well. According to a Women of Influence survey in 2013, no less than 84% of respondents attributed their success to their determination to achieve their vision and allow this vision to guide their actions.

1. Give yourself an authentic and inspiring vision

Everything begins with a vision that stimulates passion and performance and guides your actions and those of your team every day. This is not necessarily a text written and it is certainly not the corporate jargon. This is what inspires you, what makes you really alive.

Having a clear and inspiring vision accelerates visibility and performance, both for you and for your business. This is the basis, the foundation of you building a solid and sustainable structure.

2. Maintain good relationships with your audiences

The structure is, in turn supported by the relationships your company has with its audiences. atelier-confiance

This is a patient, thoughtful, process which requires consistency and unfailing integrity, an essential element of success for both the leaders and the organizations.

Embodying an everyday vision that drives you, makes sharing it with your audience second nature. First, the closest to you: your management team and employees. Then, your customers – always and at every point of contact. Finally, your industry and your community. You must seek out as many opportunities for dialogue with your stakeholders as possible. You must talk to them, certainly, but also listen carefully, know how to adapt your message accordingly and be humble and transparent.

3. Dare to be yourself

At CASACOM we believe that today through the many channels available to build relationships there is a great opportunity for leaders to reach out. There is no need to be everything to everyone. Make courageous choices. Take a position. Be different. Be yourself! The expression of your individuality is an accelerator of success. By differentiating you put in your own lane, fast lane. And, you attract people around you who share your views and can help you achieve your goals.

It is by doing business more humane and more authentic that business leaders manage to meet the enormous challenges of the breach of trust that colours the world of business and achieve their most ambitious goals. The world would be so much better if people communicated better.

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