Before enjoying the last weekend of May, take some time to read a few communications tips and stories from this week.

Consumer Taste:

Last month a mysterious new restaurant called The Salad Society opened on a street-side lot in Toronto, appearing to be another health-conscious fast-casual restaurant. But those who waited for a free salad at the pop-up discovered a surprise at the bottom of their bowl: a golden arch. The salads were actually the newest menu items at McDonald’s.

Knowing consumers see McDonald’s as a burger chain rather than a place with healthy, fresh options, the brand and its agency, Tribal DDB, came up with The Salad Society concept as a way to get consumers to blind test the new offering. McDonalds wanted to change perceptions by giving customers a chance to taste their salads without any pre-conceived notions.

To learn more about this campaign, please read the article link below.

McDonald’s tricks consumers with ‘salad society’ pop-up” (Marketing Magazine)

Media Relations:

Pitching a story, whether in person, via email or over the phone, should be a strategic process. Reporters work on deadlines and have no time for pitches that are unclear, confusing, too long, filled with typos or any other careless efforts.

To get your pitch heard, it’s important to follow these five tips:

  1. Script it and warm up.
  2. Start with who you are and why you’re calling.
  3. Brevity is crucial.
  4. Offer a resource and story angle the reporter could use.
  5. Anticipate questions and embrace rejection.

“5 pointers for effective phone pitches” (PR Daily)

Social Media:

Facebook Canadarolled out its ad program for Instagram seven months ago; only five advertisers to start. The social network has released its first results from Canadian campaigns. To learn more about the campaigns and how the ads are doing so far, please read the article link below.

Are Instagram ads paying off?‘ (Marketing Magazine)

Quote of the week:

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