Many people have trouble finding ways to promote or post their presentations. A lot of the time there is great information to share, but presenters struggle with what approach will resonate with their audiences.

Here are three tips for transforming the next presentation you work on to make it a more dynamic display that attracts and engages audiences:

  • Attract audiences; try Wikispaces.
  • Start with a pen not PowerPoint.
  • Think like a film director: use cameos, props, stunts, etc.

Pen first, then PowerPoint: 3 tips for potent presentations” (PR Daily)


According to the latest circulation report from Newspapers Canada, Canada’s 91 paid and 13 free distribution dailies had a combined weekday print and digital circulation of 5.3 million and weekly circulation of 31.8 million in 2014.

We have highlighted a few more keying findings below, but you can read more about the report in the article link below.

  • The industry lost eight daily newspapers last year.
  • The country’s 91 paid dailies had an average daily circulation of 4.04 million and a weekly average of 25.4 million.
  • 13 free dailies averaged 1.3 million and 6.3 million copies.
  • Total weekday digital circulation grew 7.7% – representing approximately 450,000 additional digital copies each week – to 6.3 million copies.

Newspapers Canada releases 2014 circulation report” (Marketing Magazine)

Thought of the day:

“You can focus on things that are barriers or you can focus on scaling the wall or redefining the problem.” -Tim Cook

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