LinkedIn is a powerful social media network. Even though users typically hunt for a new career or connect with other professionals through this platform, LinkedIn can be a great source for marketers and PR practitioners to share content.

Here are five ways to use LinkedIn in your content marketing strategy:

  • Take advantage of its publishing platform.
  • Keep your followers updated through a company page.
  • Get your team involved with personal highlights and storytelling.
  • Curate blog post ideas through groups and Pulse.
  • Extend your reach by joining the discussion.

Each are described in more detail in the below link.

5 ways to use LinkedIn for content marketing” (PR Daily)


Any communications team is at its best when an effective leader is guiding them. It’s important to have strong leadership as it helps with a goal-oriented, results-driven atmosphere where a team functions as one. Co-founder and principal at InkHouse PR, Beth Monaghan, identifies five tips on what you need to do to provide effective leadership in PR.

  • Empower your team.
  • Know your goals.
  • Be flexible.
  • Focus on what matters.
  • Respect employees’ personal lives.

More details on each point can be found in the link below.

5 Tasks for Effective Communications Leadership” (PR News)

Social Media:

New research shows that buzz plays a greater role than previously thought in getting consumers to buy products. Over the past decade, marketers have made more of an effort to turn to social media networks to generate buzz around their products. But how do tweets and other recommendations have on sales, and how can companies get a bigger return on their investments in these important channels?

In 2013 and 2014 McKinsey examined the purchase decisions of 20,000 European consumers, across 30 product areas and more than 100 brands. You can read more about the results and the study in the link below.

Getting a sharper picture of social media’s influence” (McKinsey Quarterly)

Thought of the Week:

“You can focus on things that are barriers or you can focus on scaling the wall or redefining the problem.” – Tim Cook

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