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Canadians spend the majority of their online time on mobile devices (trend skews towards millennials) according to a new report from ComScore. This Global Mobile Report compares cross-platform trends across the United States, United Kingdom and Canada and takes a look on how these markets differ in terms of mobile and desktop consumption. We have highlighted some statistics and facts from the report below, but a detailed version can be found in the article link.

  • Canadians of all age groups spend more time with tablets than Americans, and with the exception of the 55+ category, more than Brits as well.
  • Among the 55+ category, Canadians still spend nearly two thirds (61%) of their time on desktops, compared to just over half (51%) in the U.S. and a minority (45%) in the U.K.
  • Canadians 35+ spend more total hours on desktop each month than do their counterparts in either market.
  • Canadians spend roughly 87% of their mobile time in an app, versus just 13% on mobile browsers.

Canadians 35+ still spend more time on desktop than mobile” (Marketing Magazine)

Media Relations:

In Cision’s new Social Journalism Study, many journalists think social media is destroying journalism. About half of those who responded said they agreed with the following statement, “Social media is undermining traditional journalistic values.” We have highlighted a few of the survey’s findings below.

  • Email was still a preferred contact method for 81 percent of respondents.
  • The telephone came in second with 30 percent.
  • Social media was third with 24 percent, up from 22 percent the year before.

Social media use has become very prevalent among journalists that Cision’s researchers divided them into five categories. In the following link an infographic provides some information on these categories and summarizes a few other findings.

Survey: Email still journalists’ preferred pitching method” (PR Daily)

Public Relations:

Sandra Fathi, president and founder of Affect, a public relations and social media firm located in New York, discusses what a company needs to look for when choosing a PR agency. It can sometimes be difficult in selecting the right partner. However, keeping in mind the below five key factors will help you decide on the PR representation that’s best suited for your needs.

  • Size matters – The perfect agency should reflect the same ideals, whether they are big, small or somewhere in the middle.
  • Experience – It is essential that any agency selected have a familiarity, if not expertise, with how your brand’s industry operates, the technology it uses, and the services and types of organizations that are important to you.
  • The team – Meet with the people who will actually be developing, implementing and executing your communications campaign.
  • Price – A successful program is judged on performance, not the cost paid for services.
  • Proposal – A good proposal should include a clear list of program elements, activities, deliverables and key performance indicators (KPIs) that help both parties measure success.

Each of these factors is discussed in more detail below.

5 Factors in Choosing a PR Agency” (PR News)

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