The long weekend is upon us. Before heading to the cottage or taking time to relax this weekend, why not spend a few minutes catching up on some of the interesting communications tips and stories from this past week?


Ever wonder what your desk says about you or more specifically your PR personality? Marijane Funess, media relations director at Crenshaw Communications surveyed some spaces in their office and looked at patterns in design to see how they were reflective of the owners’ PR work style and attitude.

Below are some workspace models and what they say about the people who work at them. Each one is described in more detail in the link.

  • The “tech” type – Characterized by multiple monitors, the latest smartphone and hottest apps.
  • The “personal” space – A combination of family, vacation and work photos. This tends to represent healthy work-life balance.
  • The “fun” desk – The owners of these desks usually have toys or candy around their work area; but they are serious about their work.
  • The “zen” workspace – Seen as a bit artsy, peaceful and an efficient area. It represents a “ready for business” and “writer in residence” attitude/style.
  • The “healthy” sense of organization – This desk lets you know that the owner will let no detail be overlooked.

What your workspace says about your PR personality” (PR Daily)


According to a new study by data and targeting firm Seevibes, Apple’s smartphone continues to be the most-used device to have around when watching television. We’ve listed some of the highlights from the report, but you can read more, as well as view some infographics in the link below.

  • 45% of those watching with a device in-hand are using an iPhone.
  • Android had been the No. 2 choice going into 2015, but home computers (whether it be desktops or laptops; the report does not specify) have taken over second place.
  • Tablets (a broad grouping with no breakdown by manufacturer) and BlackBerry devices round out the study with 8% and 2%, respectively.

iPhones top list of preferred second screen devices” (Marketing Magazine)


A lot of people take vacations during the summer and sometimes it can difficult to get back into things. Forbes has provided a simple video of five tips on how to get back into the swing of work after your vacation.

  • Plan for your return – Come back on a Saturday instead of a Sunday; this gives you more time to catch up on emails and unwind.
  • Have a plan of attack – Don’t book anything the day you return, block off time in your calendar; this is mostly a catch-up day for you.
  • Use your-out-of-office to your advantage – Keep it on during your catch-up day and its okay to suggest to people to follow-up with you later in the week.
  • Wipe out your inbox – See what is flagged or what’s interesting and delete the rest.
  • Try to be indispensable – Learn to rely on your co-workers.

5 Tips to Get You Back To Work after Vacation” (Forbes Video)

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