McDonald’s Canada debuted their new advertising campaign this week, which focuses on the perception of youMcdonaldsng employees. Many people believe that young people are late to their jobs, can’t handle responsibility or manage money. However, McDonald’s wants Canadians to know that isn’t the case with their young employees.

In Canada, 70% of McDonald’s 85,000 employees are between the ages of 15 and 24. In the television spots a voiceover explains that McDonald’s believes in Canadian youth, relying on them to handle big responsibilities. The campaign is an evolution of McDonald’s Canada’s “Welcome to McDonald’s” campaign that launched in March. To watch and read more about this campaign, please see the link below:

McDonald’s puts young workers in the spotlight” (Marketing Magazine)


Dorothy Crenshaw, CEO and creative director of Crenshaw Communication says that a successful PR campaign is usually only as good as its plan.  You need to begin with overall business goals in mind, as well as obstacles and opportunities unique to PR and communications.

Below is a checklist of questions you should ask yourself to ensure you make a secure plan and explained in more detail in the article link:

1. Does it set a role for PR?

2. Does the PR plan define success?

3. Does the plan include internal audiences?

4. Is it research-based?

5. Is PR programming in sync with other marketing elements?

6. Is the plan reasonably flexible?

7. Does it include a contingency or crisis plan?

8. Does it budget for measurement tools and services?

8 questions to guarantee a bulletproof PR plan” (PR Daily)


How do you build a thought leadership strategy? Sandra Coyle, the founder of Coyle Communications, says that in today’s social age, potential clients are making business choices based on the quality and visibility of your brand’s thought leadership before they engage with you.

Here are six steps toward building a successful thought leadership strategy; each are described in detail in the article link below:

1. Revisit your brand strategy

2. Identify the experts

3. Examine the playing field

4. Determine your timeline

5. Develop your thought leadership strategy

6. Take content risks

6 Thought Leadership Tips for PR Pros” (PR News)

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